04 mai 2014

GD - C'est Magnifique - Posekort - Love you lots

 Her kommer det et posekort som jeg laget av Mai kittet til C'est magnifique.


A bag card with a photo on it for my daughter Emilie.
Sheets and stamp are from Mai main kit. Embellishments from Mixed Media kit.
Made a card inside the white bag of cardboard painted with white and yellow paint mixed together. Used the stencil from the Mixed Media kit to pattern both on the card inside the bag and on the background of the actual bag in front.

Besides the kit and add-on kit, I used a white bag, carton, book page and distress ink and some string.

02 mai 2014

GD - C'est Magnifique - LO - Love you always

 Her er enda et av mine GD prosjekter med C'est Magnifique sitt Mai kitt.

Min søteste Sebastian på ferie i Samdefjord i 2012. :)

 Jeg brukte pakningen til blomstene som fyll i lo'en

Chipboard brukte gul maling på. Matte lemon fra Ayeeda Paint.
Det var egentlig en ramme, men jeg delte den omm i flere biter.

My sweetest Sebastian from our holiday in 2012. Located and relaxing under a blanket on the grass by the beach.
The sheets are from the main kit. Stencil, yellow paint, a few embellishments and some flowers from the Mixed Media Kit.
Flowers from the flower add-on kit.
From the Embellishment Add-on kit, I have used the Blue Fern Studios: Chipboard Rose Frame, but I have cut out pieces of it and painted them with yellow paint.

On this layout I used the packaging that comes with the flowers in the Flower add-on kit to get some more of the green color from the flowers.

01 mai 2014

GD - C'est Magnifique - Happy B-Day

 Her kommer det et bursdagskort fra meg som er laget av kittet til C'est Magnifique.


Har brukt maling og stensil rundt kantene inni kortet.

Ta turen innom og se:

A birthday card.
Paper, stamps, letters, and the little fairy from the main kit.
From the Embellishment Add-On Kit: Crochet Doilie, pearls.
And the flower from the Flower add-on kit.
Stencil and yellow paint and spray from the Mixed Media Kit.

Besides the kit and add-on kit I used cardboard and white paint.